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Thursday, December 13th 2007

6:55 PM

Mojo Ran Dry

Whoaahh! It's been ages since the last time I posted something in here. Since I got here in the Philippines, my blogging mojo ran dry. I  don't feel like working at all online. Hmmmm, gotta make some more dough, but I am getting tired of this same old, same old pattern. LOL. Anyway, to those who have been taking a peek on here and leaving some footprints thank you for the time and I will try to get back on track whenever time permits. For the exchange links requests, I will make up to you as soon as I get back in the US where broadband connection works faster than ever. This DSL connection here is slow as a snail so I better off waiting for something that will do me good. 
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Thursday, November 15th 2007

8:16 PM

Looking Ahead

I am still miles away from home and yet I can already envision what it's going to be like during our town fiesta. I would guess there will be a lot of people at home. I can already smell the roast pig and the delicacies special for that day. I sure will feed myself with the foods I have been craving for in months or couple of years that I was gone.
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Thursday, November 15th 2007

7:33 PM

Holiday Cheer Throughout the Year!

The Holidays are coming! Yes, it’s barely 2 months and its Christmas again. Oh wait; Thanksgiving is coming next week before we forget it. Halloween just went by swiftly and boy how exciting it is become knowing that it’s that time of year again for those shopping bags to be brought home. Have you been stuffing those stockings yet? If not, then you shouldn’t worry too much because Coupon Chief will be able to help you on your shopping needs especially on saving money. Just today, I was still trying to finish my wish list while I browse on my family’s lists too. I still couldn’t decide what I wanted, but I sure see lots of things that the family wanted for Christmas. Coupon Chief is the ultimate source of deals. With the use of the promo codes, you will get to take advantage of the discounts and promos that will help you save money. I have already decided to get my siblings a computer and with Dell coupons, I will be saving some money on the notebook that I will buy. And of course, I won’t forget to get some toys for my little brother. eToys deals are simply amazing. For your holiday shopping, don’t forget to save money with Coupon Chief!
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Thursday, November 15th 2007

7:30 PM

Few More Days

Few more days to go and it's Thanksgiving Day. I will miss it and I feel bad. I won't have the taste of that turkey and some great foods this year and the desserts. Doesn't that sound sad? As much as I wanted to go see my family after more than 2 years and as eager as I am to eat the foods I missed back home, I also feel sorry for not making it on Thanksgiving this year. I got to make up for it next time. 
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Wednesday, November 14th 2007

6:47 PM

Hannah Montana at the Houston Rodeo

If you or your kids love Disney Channel, then you must be familiar with Hanah Montana. I mean, Hannah Montana. In case you don’t, it’s an American Emmy Award-nominated children’s television series which debuted on March 24, 2006 on Disney Channel. Miley Stewart is the main character which is played by Miley Cyrus as an average teenage girl at school at day and a popular pop singer, Hannah Montana by night. She is trying to hide her identity from the people other than her closest friends and family. I have seen the series several times and I think she’s cute. It’s a funny series not just for teenagers, but for the not so young adults as well like me.

 I just found out that she is going on a concert at a Houston Rodeo & Livestock Show which is pretty exciting since I am becoming a fan of hers. This show takes place in March every year at the Houston Reliant Stadium. I have never been there, but I really want to see what it’s like to be in such a fun show and because Miley Cyrus will perform. It is said that Houston Rodeo is ranked as the largest rodeo in the world so it must be real grand with at least 1 million people flocking to see annually. Knowing that big star performers are going to be there like Miley, I would love to see this one of a kind event. Concerts are my favorite way to have fun especially with friends. It’s also interesting to see a rodeo since I have already since one in my hometown before, but I wanted to see a big one --- the biggest in the world that is. Anyway, I wish we live close by because I am so tempted to get some Houston Rodeo concert ticket for Hannah Montana. If you are like me, you should check out teamonetickets.com for more information.
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Monday, November 12th 2007

8:29 PM

Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

I've been staying up so late most of the night and I know it's not very good for my health for anyone for that matter. Even when I go to bed early I still have to wake up at least every after 2 hours or so to attend to my son. Well, I really need to get some rest before a lonnngggggggg trip pretty soon or I'll take the toll on this bad habit. Let me bid you goodnight and sleep tight! Don't let the bed bugs bite!
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Saturday, November 10th 2007

9:13 AM

Rapiscan Systems Metal Detectors

These days, you can never be too sure about safety when it comes to a place that has to be protected form bad elements. We can never really guess when the time will be that certain terror will attack and that our lives are at risk. Places like the airports, malls, government offices and other institutions should be more observant about certain precautions and safety against potential harmful attacks by bad individuals or groups. Every security personnel should have a security metal detector. If you are one of those that are serving for the safety of our fellowmen, Rapiscan Systems is the place where you could get these metal detectors for your security force. They design, manufacture and deliver metal detectors. Whether you want a walk-through or a hand-held one, they have what you really need. Visit rapiscansystems.com now!
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Saturday, November 10th 2007

9:06 AM

DD Breakfast

Most of the time I get lazy at making breakfast I just grab a bowl of cereal especially when hubby goes to work. That's always a reason for me to just start the day slow and I take my time. It's been days now that he takes out Dunkin Donuts for our breakfast. We are becoming so lazy that saving some money by not buying coffee from them is just impossible. He told me he wants to lessen his coffee intake which is the main reason why he refused to buy coffee at the grocery anymore which I used to make every morning for him. Anyway, I am now a coffee drinker too only from DD and that sausage and egg in bagel tastes really good!
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Saturday, November 10th 2007

9:03 AM

South African Hunting Adventures

Are you the type of person who loves the outdoors? Hunting might be your cup of tea! If you are looking to do some fun and really good trophy kills for this season, I must tell you to try an African hunting safari. At tjsafari.com, it’s the ultimate source for that all-inclusive African Hunting Safaris, Namibia Safaris and the world class North American hunts. Whether you prefer the traditional way or not, this is the place for you as well. They have different packages to offer for the hunting lovers and enthusiasts. It’s full time and full service hunting and sports fishing resource. You will never be sorry to try them out on your next hunting trip! Visit online at tjsafri.com and take advantage of this wonderful service. The website is well-navigated and informative. So, why wait? Have fun at your Safari hunting!
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Saturday, November 10th 2007

8:53 AM


I was craving for something tasty last night. Hubby thought of our dinner again and suggested he should get some beef ribs which I love to make for a soup. So, they are cheaper than lean meat but way tastier he thought. The bones just give a taste that is far different than just plain meat, don't you agree? The meat in them are simply tender and boy, was it a good dinner! They could get greasy though when you eat slow. LOL! I was all worried he might complain, but he said they are good. I will surely have some of the leftover for lunch today.
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